Name :   Jim Kinney Jr
Date :   28 Jan 2017
E-Mail :
State :   Missouri
Comments :   The horseshoe family lost a true ambassador of the sport. Him and his wife Ruth made it possible for many pitchers to have a place to pitch year around. They introduced the sport of horseshoes to many people by there example. Rest in peace William Frank H
Name :   Ronnie Bohannon
Date :   1-27-17
E-Mail :
State :   Mo
Comments :   Its a sad time for me and many others as I just found out that Frank Hudson passed away on January 25th. Keep Ruth and family in your thoughts and prayers.
Name :   Randy Grady
Date :   12-12-2016
E-Mail :
State :   MO
Comments :   It is with great sadness that I follow Melodys post with the news that Edgar Stoverink has passed away this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Name :   Danny and Melody Williams
Date :   12/11/16
E-Mail :
State :   Missouri
Comments :   Happy Holidays to all MOHPA members! To all of our horseshoe pitchers prayer warriors: Most of you know the Stoverink family from Southeast Missouri, Cori, Edgar and Wesley. Edgar is battling cancer and has been for awhile and is fighting a tough batt
Name :   Michael Young
Date :   
E-Mail :
State :   Missouri
Comments :   
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