Name :   Jimmy Conner
Department :   Alabama Fire College
Email address :
Comments :   Chief it looks GREAR!!!!
Name :   Floyd guthrie
Department :   Carbon Hill (retired)
Email address :
Comments :   Nice web site. I known what you guys go through and what it is like to stop every thing and go help someone in need
Name :   micah 95.5 wfmh
Department :   
Email address :
Comments :   i really injoyed talking to the cheif at the 911 feastival keep up all th good workif you all need help with anything give me a call
Name :   theresa
Department :   haleyville
Email address :
Comments :   thankyou, for being save homes, and life,s. you were there for my family,when my home burned, THANKYOU....
Name :   Wendy Lee
Department :   
Email address :
Comments :   I am retired fireman Jim Hickmans daughter. I know most all the firemen, to all of you I commend you on the job you all have done,and to all the new firemen, I hope you will follow in the footsteps of Heros. Those who are servering along side you, and tho
Name :   Rob Taylor
Department :   Bear Creek Fire/Rescue
Email address :
Comments :   Nice site... Thanks for your help when we need you...If you need us, just let us know...
Name :   Wade Holley
Department :   Harpersville Fire Department
Email address :
Comments :   Just wanted to say hello. I am the Fire Chief for the City of Harpersville, located in Shelby County,AL. Our new web site under construction is or myspace under HFD.
Name :   Andrew Vickers
Department :   Delmar Fire Department, Delmar, Maryland
Email address :
Comments :   
Name :   Mark Lide
Department :   Four C VFD
Email address :
Comments :   Arab AL, Marshall County I am very impressed with your web site.
Name :   Shirley Norris
Department :   Cub Scouts
Email address :
Comments :   Many thanks to each one of you for the job that you do. And thank you for letting the Cub Scouts visit and learn some things about both the fire department and fire safety.
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